Traveling Light: Literally

Kirk and I are traveling through Spain for 19 days with nothing but carry-on luggage. For months,Traveling Light: Literally Articles people have been asking us how. This week, with the summer 하노이 마사지 season upon us, I take my first-ever break from business topics to share the secrets of literally traveling light. Most of them apply whether your travel is business or pleasure.

First of all, let’s make sure we’re clear on why we should be considering traveling light at all, because it does take some effort in advance, and our time is valuable.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that this summer is projected to be the worst ever for congestion and delays. No checked luggage = one less line at the departure airport.

Many airlines are now charging $50 and up to check more than one bag. It’s just a matter of time before they start charging for all checked baggage, the same way they charge for drinks. No checked luggage = more money to spend at the destination.

It’s no great secret that lost luggage claims are up, too. No checked luggage = no lost luggage.

Here’s my favorite: when we arrived in Spain at midnight after 18 hours of traveling, we got off the plane and walked directly to customs and on to ground transportation. No checked luggage = no waiting 30+ minutes at your destination when you’re sick to death of traveling and just want to get out of there. When we return, it will be the same sweet story.

We move effortlessly from place to place because we’re only carrying 20 pounds each plus Kirk’s backpack and my travel bag. Our backs feel great. No checked luggage = feeling good.

Now, let’s move on the success secrets for traveling light.

The number one secret is to bring only clothing that can be washed in a bathroom sink and hung to dry overnight. For business, it means a well-coordinated wardrobe of dark suits that can be dry-cleaned through the hotel service if needed. Everything else gets washed out in the sink. It takes 10 minutes in the evening. No big deal. It’s not like we’re trying to recreate the full wash, rinse, and spin cycles here!

Because we didn’t own many items that would dry overnight, and they are not readily available in stores, we spent two months ordering clothes from specialty travel catalogues and then sending back or exchanging all the items that didn’t fit.

We learned through this experience that the target market for travel clothes is considerably more, uh, mature than we are, so it took a little creativity to dress our age and not like the shuffleboard-on-the-lido-deck crowd. I wound up buying most of my clothing at the Benetton store near my office when they got in a large shipment of linen.

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